Just finished to read the book “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford and enjoy it. It telling us about the step-by-step process of implementing scrum, agile, CI/CD methodologies, with detailed logic conclusions and motivations. It’s about Dev-Ops philosophy and business process perfomance improvements. This book give me a fresh look on the role of IT-department in business. It’s written as novel and very easy for reading.

I was surprised to see some of negative reviews. Seems, some people not enough understand this book. In summary, it`s about the neccessary to see and understanding the whole buisnes-processes, and the neccessary for quick communications and feedbacks between departments for reaching the general goal — making effcient business

#php,#yii,#laravel,#javascript, #python,#linux,#archlinux,#vue

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